Lightroom 7.3d preset sort order fix

Lightroom 7.3 release created a problem with preset sorting caused by differing title/internal name fields in the preset. This plugin fixes this by copying the internalName field to the title field.


The plugin doesn’t actually modify existing files or folders, it makes copies but you should back up your presets before running it.


  • !!! **Backup the preset folder you’re about to fix** !!!
    the plugin doesn’t alter any of the files it’s fixing but … !! be safe !!
  • Download the archive & unzip
  • install the plugin using the LR plugin manager.
  • Run the plugin from File->Plugin-Extras->Fix 7.3 preset order problem
  • Choose a folder full of presets in the presented file browser
  • Plugin creates a mirror of the preset folder in `’Fixed \<folder name\>’` adjacent to the folder being fixed containing the fixed presets.
  • swap over the names of the fixee and fixed folders
  • Restart Lightroom.
  • Boom!


The fix relies on presets being, esseintially, Lua code. It uses loadstring() and pcall() to eval the preset code, fixes the internalName field before saving the file into the fixed folder. Some of Adobe’s supplied preset files won’t fix using this method, apparently because the title field is of the form title = ZSTR “$$$/AgDevelopModule/Templates/BWFilter/BlueFilter=Blue Filter” and pcall fails. Files which won’t fix are simply copied to the fixed folder as is. So far this hasn’t presented a problem and the sorting for these files seems OK. Let me know if it does.


This plugin hasn’t yet (8/4/2018) been tested on Windows, I don’t have the facility. It should work but I can’t be sure. I’d appreciate it if a windows user could check for me that it does, or doesn’t.


Please contact me with issues, problems, pizza, praise using the contact page. I’ll do my best to help wherever I can.


(c) Kim Aldis 2018

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