The tagline and domain name for this site was shamelessly lifted from Phillip K Dick’s fictional – read “not science fictional” – novel “Puttering About in a Small Land”. Dick had a nack for book titles and it seemed to fit what I now do. Except  “buggering about” looked a better fit. And the domain was sitting around unused; who’d have thought.

In a previous life I was a CG animation & VFX artist, which is more or less self-explanatory, and technical director – a technical director is kind of a combination artist & programmer responsible for the more technical aspects of production.

When I retired, 10 or so years ago, I couldn’t stop making pictures and I returned to photography – I  have a degree level qualification in photography from (cough) over 40 years ago. You can find examples of my work at www.kim-aldis.co.uk but here is where you’ll find more technical ramblings. Working on large and complicated CG projects ge workflow getting workflow right before you start and I like to apply the same principles to the photographic process so you’ll see a lot of “stuff desiegned to make life easier” here. And a lot of any other junk that grabs my attention. It should be fun; we’ll see.